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Here’s How to Get Your Insurance License in Colorado

So you’re thinking about getting your insurance license? When you consider the flexibility and relatively low cost compared to other professions, getting your license to sell insurance is a great choice!

After meeting multiple agents making $10k+ a month while hardly ever stressing about having to clock in or answer to a micromanaging BOSS, it makes a lot of financial sense.

Here’s what we suggest you do to get your insurance license in Colorado.

Step 1. Talk to our team

We can answer most questions you have about the cost of getting your license to sell insurance in Colorado. We can also point you in the right direction if you have a very specific insurance career goal in mind. You don’t have to go through us, but don’t pass on the opportunity to speak with a team of agents from all walks of life.

Step 2. Complete a Pre-licensing Course for Each Line of Insurance

Before you can take the state insurance licensing exam, you’ll need to prove to them that you studied for it. You can visit our Insurance pre-licensing course page and sign up to access great study material and the pre-licensing exam, which you’ll need to pass by at least 70%.

Accident & Health50
Property & Casualty50
Personal Lines50

Step 2. Pass a State Licensing Exam For Each Line of Insurance

Once you completed your pre-licensing studying and passed your pre-licensing exam, you can now register for your state exam.

The state exam is usually administered by a third-party vendor. In Colorado, that third-party license testing vendor is PearsonVue. You can visit this website to register for your Colorado insurance license exam.

You will need to take a state exam for each line of insurance you wish to do business in. There is a separate exam fee for each line of insurance.

Colorado Exam Information
Exam CodeExam NameExam TimeScoreable QuestionsPretest QuestionsTotal Questions
01Life2 hrs801595
02Accident & Health2 hrs801696
03Property2 hrs751590
04Casualty2 hrs811596
55Personal Lines2 hrs 15 min10415119
14Public Insurance Adjuster1 hr 15 min55055

Step 3. Apply for a State License For Each Line of Insurance

After you pass your state insurance exams(s) you’ll need to actually apply for your license through a different third-party vendor called Sircon. At least that’s the case in Colorado at the moment.

Each line of insurance has a separate application fee. Don’t sweat the fees. If you’re diligent in your work, you’ll make them back 1000-fold. Also, ask your real estate agent friends how much they had to pay to become a real estate agent :/

Step 4. Wait For Your License

After you apply for your license(s), you’ll have to wait for about 5-10 days for them to verify everything and approve your license.

Visit the Sircon website to verify your license is approved and print out a copy for yourself.

Step 5. Find A Broker to Contract with or Get Self Appointed

Once you get your insurance license, it’s now time to figure out what companies and products you want to sell. You can choose to work directly with an insurance carrier as an employee. That’s not always an option. You can self appoint with each company you want to sell. However, when it comes to property and casualty insurance, that’s not always an option either. You can also contract with an insurance broker and sell the products they are appointed to sell.

Have a question? Call us at (720) 500-2922 or schedule a time to chat:

Whatever you decide to do, just do it and don’t look back. Once you learn the basics of the products you are selling, it’s just a matter of networking and asking for referrals.

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